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Piston ring twist

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    I have found many papers using analytical methods to calculate the static twist in piston rings. All the papers that i found have used the results of that analytical tool but no one explained how the tool works. Can anyone find a paper in which the analysis to calculate piston ring twist is explained.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ranger Mike

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    The tool you are thinking of relates to elasticity of the metal piston ring I believe.

    The attached pdf tells more than I will ever know about this. All I can add is that you need an experienced application engineer when working with the various piston manufacturers. A lot of hot rodders and racers have spent a whole lot of time doing destructive testing over the years to come up with the optimum ring package to control oil and provide the best combustion seal. All kinds of trick stuff. We ran zero gap rings one year..for our application it was NOT the hot set up. it all depends on balance and trade offs. You need the max combustion chamber seal with minimal parasitic ring drag and the best oil control yet still cool the bottom of the piston.
    Unless you are breaking new ground on this, talk to the application guys at the manufacturers.

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