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Pivoting metal scales

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    Hey guys. I am currently building a plan for a new metal sculpture of an alien reptile thing. The twist for me is that I want it's scales to be rotatable from being flat up to a 45 degree angle. The pivot needed would have to be fairly small ( scales are nearly inch wide) . I could not find a pivot of this size even talked about anywhere. I do have a 3D printer if you folks can conclude that this piece dose not exist and can not be hand made.


    PS. sorry about being vague. I am still drafting the idea and moving parts are not my forte. I can explain more if needed.
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    Put two small holes in each scale near the skin. Thread scales on piano-wire so scale has a slight arch due to the straight wire through the two holes. Rotate the wire one way to raise the scales, return by turning wire backwards when friction between scale and wire will reset them to flat on skin surface. The piano wires can be stitched or tied to the skin to keep each row of scales in place. Wires bend to conform with the surface.
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