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Homework Help: Pizza Logic problem

  1. Sep 15, 2011 #1
    I have a problem that states:

    Write each english sentence in symbolic form using the following predicates:
    m = Melissa
    p = Pizza

    S(x) = ' x is a student '
    L(x, y) = ' x likes y '
    E(x, y) = ' x eats y '

    Take A as the universal quantifier in this problem and M as the existential quantifier since E is already being used.

    I know that when:
    a) All students eat pizza. I get this Ax (S(x) -> E(x, p) )

    but when
    b) Only students eat pizza.

    I get confused when the word only is used. Is there a better way to view this sentence that would make it more obvious what the answer would be?
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    Re: Logic

    Maybe try to say "anybody who eats pizza must be a student"...
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    Re: Logic

    "If a person eats pizza, that person is a student".
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    Re: Logic

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