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PKa vs solubility question

  1. Sep 16, 2006 #1

    Are protein structures always right-handed??
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    The natural ones are
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    So does that mean that there won't be any left-handed proteins in our bodies?
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    No, there shouldn't
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    I'm a bit confused about the right-handed and left-handed proteins. I know that the coiled coil structure has to be left-handed but why wikipedia shows 2 right-handed coil instead?? Does it mean that a the 2 alpha-helix are right-handed but coiled together in a left-handed way??

    I have attached a file of what I think a right-handed and left-handed should be.

    Below is the url for wikipedia:

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    I'm really not quite sure what you're asking here, the attached file shows a left handed helix on the left and a right handed one on the right.
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