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Medical Placebo Effect Physiology

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    http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/news/20081023/50percent-of-doctors-give-fake-prescriptions" [Broken]

    I wonder what they charge for these treatments?
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    I think you get 20% off on a placebo... :biggrin:
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    so i guess placebos wouldn't have much effect on trigeminal neuralgia, then?
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    Have they considered that the patients that responded to placebos aren't actually suffering real pain, but that it's imagined?

    I suffer from chronic pain, and believe me, I can tell when I have received pain medication. Sometimes I think I have taken pain meds and wonder why I am still in pain, then find my meds on a counter where I absent-mindedly laid them.

    A good example was my recent surgery and the pain medication was adminstered through my IV. The nurse told me that I had received my pain medication, but the pain kept increasing, then they found out that the auto dispenser was turned off.
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