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Placement assesment help

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    tomarrow i have to take a quiz that determines what class i take next year in school. i have the answers to these problems but i dont know how to get all of them any help?

    1. 2/3x + 1/2= 5/2

    2. if 1/8 of a number is 12, then 1/4 of a number is?

    3.if 3x+2=7x+5y, then x equals?

    4. simplify (r2s4)^3/4 ?

    5. the slope of a line x+2y=6 is?

    6.simplify a/a^2-9 + 2/a+3 ?
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi tyrizzle! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Sorry, but maths obviously isn't your thing …

    Some students find questions like this easy, and they can go into a "fast" class where things aren't explained so much.

    Other students need a "slower" class, where the teacher has time to go over things more carefully.

    Students in the "slower" class should eventually reach the same level, but a student who wrongly goes into the "fast" class won't.

    To do good physics, you need a good background in maths. Now is the time to get it, and it's best not to get into a class that will cause you a lot of extra work and worry, and will pull all your grades down. :smile:
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    Don't worry about starting low. You have 4 years. Taking a couple of remedial math courses is no big deal. In a year, you'll be taking Calculus, so don't worry about it.
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