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Places to study

  1. Nov 12, 2006 #1
    I was taking a look at the admissions info of some colleges in physics/engineering so i thought it would be nice if we compiled a list of good universities (the big famous ones and the little ones)

    obvious ones:
    MIT- massachusets
    CIT aka CalTech- southern california
    UC Berkely i heard was pretty good- mid/upper california

    EDIT: i thought this was the academic/career forum someone please move this for me. please dont ban me
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    "good" is much too subjective...
    It really depends on what specific criteria one is looking for.
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    thats a good point. how do you define good education...
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    For me, good education gives you skills more than knowledge. For some others, perhaps good education is that which is well-recognised/held in high regard by employers, whether it is good by the other standard or not.
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