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Plagarism scandal

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    I recently was pointed at a rather interesting article:


    about recently discovered widespread and long-lasting (5 years) plagarism in the field of gravitation physics.

    One of the affected papers mentioned in this article is http://www.arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0611014
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    how widespread is plagiarism in physics? if you had a wonderful idea could you go to your theoretical physicist "coworker" and get his opinion or would you only discuss it among trusted friends... it sure would suck to share an idea with a fellow thinker and get stabbed in the back... whats happened to the intellectual code of honor?
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    I wouldn't know for a fact, but I'd say it is common to see, maybe not to this extent though. Believe it or not Physicists are human.:rolleyes: Human beings are always tempted to lie and cheat to get ahead. It is indeed sad that this type of activity goes on in physics, but is it really surprising?
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    I thought it was scholarship if you stole from lots of sources and plagarism if you stole from only one, or is that only in arts?
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    40 papers in a 22 month span, that seems ridiculously high to me, even if they were plagiarising you gotta give them some kudos for that rate of output!
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