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I Planar Fluence

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    Hello everyone,

    Suppose a situation where you have a broad plane-parallele beem of electrons wich is perpendiculary incident upon a thin foil wich scatters the e- for an angle X. I did calculus and the ratio of flux density below the foil respect with the foil remove is 1.06. But, What are the ratio of the number of e- per cm2 passing through a plane just behind (and parallel to) the foil to what with the foil removed? I thing the ratio must be 1.06, also.

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    A sketch would help.
    Shouldn't this be the result of an integral over the angular distribution?

    Why does your flux increase?
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    As I saw in Introduction to Radiological Physics and Radiation Dosimetry - Attix, these is an event that happens when you are working with a broad beam. Is an excercise from the first chapter (the third excercise). The exercise gives the answers, and I don´t know why is the unity the particles ratio.
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