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Planar graph check

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    I have this graph
    Drawing1 (2).jpg

    now i should check if this graph can be planar.

    v - number of vertices
    e - number of edges
    f - number of faces

    to be planar it should hold v - e + f = 2 from here f = 2 - v + e = 2 - 9 + 15 = 8
    so f = 8 now my question is how to easily count faces (regions bounded by edges, including the outer, infinitely large region) of the graph??
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    couldnt you start with point a and then compile a list of connections that come back to a



    and continue to point b, c, d ... making sure not to count the same loop again

    as an example b-e-a is the same as a-b-e
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    How about arguing that your graph contains neither a K3,3 nor a K5

    as a subgraph? it seems there are not that many cases to consider...
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