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Planck dust modeling and BICEP2

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    Planck dust modeling has been released [re: http://arxiv.org/abs/1409.2495] [Broken]. It appears to be consistent with the assumptions of BICEP2, but, that is an unsupported assumption. I expected an immediate reaction from the BICEP2 team, or other interested parties. Perhaps I am merely impatient, or the results are inconclusive.
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    Thank you Chronos for that link.

    However, what is important for the BICEP2 result is to plot the magnetic contents of dust lanes - i.e. iron grains - that if aligned by galactic magnetic fields could emulate the B Mode polarisation of the CMB. Fingerprints of Galactic Loop I on the Cosmic Microwave Background

    Following the DL model
    the authors would not seem to be looking at the relevant type of dust crucial to verify or otherwise the BICEP2 result.

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    Earth's atmosphere polarizes light fairly strongly. I'm not sure if this is caused by dust and in particular, by magnetic materials in the dust.
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