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Planck First Light Survey

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    The Planck team have put out a press release their (very preliminary) results for the First Light Survey:

    The basic gist: the instrument is working, and it's already producing higher-resolution and lower-noise maps than WMAP offers at the same frequency bands, and Planck offers a much wider range of frequencies (WMAP = 5 channels from 23GHz to 94GHz, Planck = 9 channels from 30GHz to 857GHz). No science results yet, as there are many things that can't be done until Planck surveys the whole sky at least twice.

    More in-depth information is available here:
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    Great news!
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    my gob, what an incredibly beautiful piece of technology...i dont recall where the funding came from for this effort, but whoever they are, thank you thank you.
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    Haha, it's a joint ESA/NASA mission :)
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