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Planck's law of radiation?

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    Planck's law of radiation??

    Hi, can anybody help me with this problem?

    Planck's law of radiation for a blackbody radiator quantifies the relation between it's radiative flux and wavelength at a particular temperature.
    given by:

    where, w=wavelength, C1 and C2 are constants and T is the absolute temperature.

    My problem is , I have to show that the peak radiative flux of the Planck spectrum varies as the fourth power of temperature.
    Do i need to do some integration of Plancks law to show this?
    If so, where do i start? :confused:
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    I think you mean the "total radiative flux," not the "peak radiative flux."

    If so, simply integrate your formula over all values of wavelength.

    Here's a page that might help:


    - Warren
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