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Plane inclined mechanics physics problem

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    I have a problem with a question. The problem si that I cant understand the question.
    We got a mass, which rests on a plane inclined at 20 degrees to the horizontal. There is a force Y which is at 45 degress to the horizontal, which acts on the mass. I dont know which way to draw the force Y, do I measure the ange from left to right?, or the other way round? :confused:
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    Is it relevant...?

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    What do you mean??
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    He wonder if you are supposed to use Einstein's thoery of reativity.
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    The idea is nice,too bad the wording's not that pretty... :tongue:


    P.S.One point for spelling EINSTEIN right,though... :tongue2:
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    You guys are really funny..HAHAHA
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    "left or right" is not relevant since either way would give the same answer.

    "up or down" is important! I would assume that the "20 degrees from the horizontal" for the slope means that the bottom end goes 20 degrees UP and so, from the top end, goes 20 degrees DOWN. However, it seems to me that you will need to be told whether that 45 degrees the force makes with the horizontal is upward or downward.
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