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Plane motion

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    From B&J Chap 15

    Rods A and B are attached to a wall and point to the right.
    A collar with pin P moves freely on Rod A.
    Rod A is positioned horizontally.
    Rod B is 500mm below Rod A and angled 30 degrees up with the wall.
    Pin P is attached to a slot in Rod B. Pin P moves freely in the slot.
    Determine the velocity of the pin if the angular velocity of:

    Rod A is 8 rad/sec clockwise
    Rod B is 3 rad/sec clockwise

    Answer : 2.4 m/s, 73.9 degrees down and right

    I calculated the relative velocity of the pin for each rod separately.
    I get the right direction but the wrong magnitude. Go figure.
    I have no problem when the pin moves freely on only one rod.
    What is the trick when the pin is free to move on both rods.

    Thank you

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    Can you give me a picture for illustration ?
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    A Rod A P
    | /
    | /
    | /
    500mm /
    | / Rod B
    | /
    | /
    B /

    Rod A is a circular rod with a circular cylindrical collar that slides left and right along the rod.
    Rod B is more or less flat with a slot cut along the length near the end.
    The collar has a pin that fits in this slot. This "connects" the rods.
    But the collar/pin combo slide freely along both rods.
    As the rods swing, the collar, with P, has a velocity and direction.

    Some help???

    length of Rod A: 0.5*Tan30 = 0.289 m
    length of Rod B: 0.5/Cos30 = 0.577 m

    v_ap = (8 r/s)*(0.289 m) = 2.31 m/s -- down
    v_bp = (3 r/s)*(0.577 m) = 1.73 m/s -- down and 30 degrees right

    v_p relative to B(along slot) due to A = 2.31*cos30 = 2 m/s dwn/lft 30deg
    v_p relative to A(along A) due to B = 1.731*cos30 = 1.5 m/s to the right

    right direction, wrong magnitude!
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    My picture didn't work. sorry.

    Dave's picture is correct except b crosses a.

    Thanks Dave
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