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Plane on a conveyor belt

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    D H

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    We will finally have an answer to this silly question on January 30, when the boys at MythBusters try to make a plane take off while on a moving conveyor belt. A preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSBFQOfas60".
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    Hmm...all those episodes of this show I saw last year must've been pretty old. Adam has a lot more hair on his head and is also fatter!

    As for the plane-on-a-conveyor-belt, I bet it'll go around like the Mars Hoax, though it may not be a periodical phenomenon. But at last, we can point people to some experiments.
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    How could anyone with half an idea about Newton's Laws EVER believe that the plane wouldn't take off? Just what force is there to stop the plane moving forward (except a tiny bit more friction in the wheel bearings).
    It just shows what happens when you start to think intuitively and not analytically about Science. It's a bit like the Global Warming thing!
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    Too bad Newton didn't come up with the laws of necroposting...
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    Equal but opposite reaction. Everytime someone necroposts, the original post is sent into the future by an equal amount of time.

    In other words, if, in Feb 2010, you necropost to a thread to you started in April 2003, your post of April 2003 was sent into the future - specifically to Feb 2010.

    In this case, things get very convoluted as Borek shows in Feb 2010 that the Jan 2008 Mythbusters episode actually copied the Nov 2008 Top Gear in their episode about the jet engine thrust.

    I knew that would happen.
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    You forgot the necropost "reaction"....thread locked.
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