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Plane waves

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    I would like to see some nice visualizations of plane waves. Has anyone a nice link or knows a book where to find such?

    For EM waves the perpendicular E and B vector span a plane at each instant of time, right?

    What if there would be only an electric field wave. Would there be also a planes, i.e. are there many electric field vectors aligned next to each other at each point in time?
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    Maybe posting #6 in this thread will help:


    I don't think it's possible to have a wave of E without an accompanying wave of B. According to Maxwell's equations, a changing E field automatically produces a B field, and a changing B field automatically produces an E field.
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    Yes, it is possible to have an electric field wave with no magnetic field so long as [itex]\vec k \times \vec E = 0[/itex], i.e. the waves are longitudinal. Such will occur in plasmas (electron plasma waves, ion acoustic waves, etc.).
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    Thanks for replying. I also found something.

    http://www.cs.brown.edu/stc/outrea/greenhouse/nursery/physics/emwave.html [Broken]

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