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I Planet composition?

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    when any exoplanet passes through any star we can see the intensity dip from which we can detect the planet when an exoplanet passes through any star by spectroscopy we can find planet composition.
    So my question is did star glare effect light which is passes through planey atmosphere?
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    This technique does not tell us about the composition of the planet ..only it's atmosphere...
    The last line of your post is not clear , please ask question again in a different way. ...what is "star glare?"
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    I mean when light passes through planet atmosphere ;some amount of light is absorbed and some amount is emitted.
    So by emissions and absorption spectrum we can tell atmosphere composition.

    So my question is when we do spectroscopy of light which is emitted by planet atmosphere has very low intensity because it is coming from very far so these small light is did not hide in star shine.
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    Yes it is possible that we could estimate the composition of an exoplanet atmosphere using spectroscopy.
    However, at the present time that is at the edge of our technology, although I am sure things will improve.
    At the moment it probable we could get some rough idea (for a few exoplanets) of gases which commonly exist in an atmosphere.
    N2, CO2, CH4, H2O etc.
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    I don't believe we can receive any light by emissions ...this is produced when a photon is absorbed , and another is emitted , but the emitted light is scattered in all directions and so not enough would reach us .. the light we get has passed through the atmosphere of the exoplanet , a frequency is absorbed , the rest continues and reaches us....

    Yes , you would expect the small amount of light going through the atmosphere would be swamped, overpowered by the much more intense direct light from the star ... but apparently not.
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    So now we dont have any technology to find exoplanets atmosphere composition.
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