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Planet inhabited purely by AI

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    I rewatched the Matrix I, II, and III. The AI machines have evolved so much they have their own cities. Which made me wonder.. If a planet were totally inhabited by AI machines. Would they still be individual android with its own personality.. or a collective personality?

    What sci-fi movies have this theme about a planet inhabited purely by AI. And how would they look like and behave when they conquer other worlds?
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    Why would they want to conquer other worlds?
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    According to abductees. Their "abductors" were once AI machines created by an insectoid alien race.. then these machines developed further after their masters died.. and they want to assimilate emotions into their collective.. so they came to earth and abductee women and raised Hybrids.. Dr. David Jacobs wrote in "Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity" the hybrids are mostly grown up now and assimilated into society.

    But I don't care. I ignore all of them now because as they say, Ignorance is Bliss.

    I want to watch good sci-fi movies about pure AI aliens for entertainment. any recommended titles?
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    Probably both. Humans do it. Things that are our own little quirks we call personality. Things that are shared quirks we call culture.
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    We can't know that ahead of time. There are many possibilities and it's just not possible to predict ahead of time how these hypothetical AI machines would look, behave, or think.

    Same as above. We have no idea.

    Remember that humans are driven by brain structure and thought processes given to us by millions of years of evolution. We think and act the way we do because it was useful in the past and helped us survive. AI is under no such evolutionary constraints. Instead its constraints will be based on how it is originally built and how it develops from there.
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    A really good short story is "The last question", by Isaac Asimov.
    In it, humans still exist but only as servants to a much more intelligent AI.
    I don't know if anyone attempted a movie.
    I think it's interesting that Asimov came out with this when computers had the performance of today's digital watch,
    and were constructed from vacuum tubes, no silicon chips at that time.
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    Wait, What? It's literally the opposite of what you describe. The machine is there to serve humanity. The whole point of the end is that even after humans are gone, it spends eternity trying to answer their last question.

    Don't think there was a movie but Leonard Nemoy did a great reading of it, it's on YouTube.
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    "He Who Shrank" included a "machine planet gone mad".
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    I was thinking about this question, slowly because that's what I do, and remembered 2 such planets. Not a movie though.
    1. In Stargate SG-1 around season 7 or so, there is a planet of Replicators, who just sit there doing nothing, because there is nothing more to do.
    2. There was also a short story, where a scientist created robots to protect and serve humans. They had a planet where they created more robots until every human had a robot watching over him, and humans were not allowed to do anything because they could get hurt.
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    "With Folded Hands"?
  12. Jun 23, 2017 #11
    Yeah could be. I don't know the English name, I read a translation to my native language.
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    Whatever. An AI planet that used to have an Insectoid culture which assimilated into human culture would have AI-human Hybrids that is poor in EQ or even human nature. The following is just sample of what it means. David Jacobs wrote in page 4 of http://www.nicap.org/images/humrep/JAR_2007_1st_Qtr1.pdf:

    "Recently, I had a case in which a woman walked into a supermarket and found a familiar late-stage hybrid waiting for her there. He told her to go about her normal shopping and he would watch. She went about shopping and he asked her questions about each object that she put in her cart. "What are these?" "These are eggs." "How do you make eggs?" "You can fry them. You can boil them. You cook them in some other way." He continued to ask questions of the items and she was required to answer. At one point she put a loaf of bread into her cart and he said, "Do you cook that too?" He was trying to learn.

    In the last eighteen months I have been hearing these types of accounts from people with whom I have worked for many years. All of these accounts, to put it bluntly, point to a future in which human-looking hybrids will be here amongst us. The evidence is now so strong I can no longer look at alternative motivations for them. Everything I have learned about this subject in the past 20 years inexorably points to this conclusion. I cannot escape it. "

    If you won't believe it. Treat it as a creative story or even ideas for science fiction. Did you notice all our science fiction are so shallow. Why don't they make something out of this? What we have are stupid Avengers or Transformers.. and whenever I get out of movie I always hear people saying "What a stupid waste of time!".
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    There's nothing there to "believe". It's just a fictional story.

    No. I find that some of our fiction is shallow and some of it is not.

    Really? I usually here something more along the lines of, "That was awesome!" or "That was pretty good."

    If you're unsatisfied with current science fiction, perhaps you should write some yourself?
  16. Jun 26, 2017 #15
    Maybe both - a collective personality consisting of semi-independent individual personalities.

    I had a similar question in regard to AIs "living" on a Dyson Sphere and competing for computational resources. On a small scale larger entities could have an advatage over smaller ones because they are smarter. But on large scales smaller entities would have the edge over larger ones because they are faster (due to the limited speed of light). In the result I would expect a Pareto distribution for the size of the individual entities, similar to biological life forms.

    That depends on their intentions. Everything is possible ranging from establishing a peaceful hegemony (like in "The Day the Earth Stood Still" [the original of course - not the awful remake]) to the point of complete destruction (like in Charles Stross' "Accelerando").
  17. Jun 27, 2017 #16
    That certainly is asinine! The writer seems to want to lead to the conclusion, but comes up short.
    The hybrid can understand complex language structure, but can't seem to comprehend the simple frying of an egg.
    And what normal shopper has the time. Wouldn't it be better to ask questions to a clerk, if one can find one that is.
    The conclusion I disagree with - learning!

    The real story would be much more interesting.
    The hybrid, in the woman's eyes, was trying to pick her up in a supermarket, and being male, thought he was supposed to act dumb, ( he watched one too many detergent commercials about how to get the whites white ) and she, in her rapture of being the centre of attention, played along since he was such a hunk. Only when he followed her into the health aisle to the feminine hygene product section and with his probing questions did she snap, wacked him on the side of the head with a jar of strawberry jam, breaking his skull, and killing him instantly. Her testimony to the police was that he would not stop stalking her and she had no choice but to be physical.
  18. Jun 27, 2017 #17
    What movies have themes about qualia being not reducible to matter.. and about humans having something more that no AI can ever duplicate.

    Meaning qualia of humans is not equal to qualia of AI aliens or artiicial machine lifeforms. I'm looking for movies about this where the AI aliens need humans to assimilate emotional intelligence or others.
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    I wonder if Ghost in the Shell counts? I've seen it, but I'm not very big on themes and such, so I don't remember how it handled something like this.
  20. Jun 27, 2017 #19
    The original movie had two AI reproducing.
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    Huh. Wonder if they needed a cigarette afterwards...
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