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I finished the Planetary Config Spreadsheet I have been working on during my down time at work.
Well, finished the first version of it, anyway.

I managed to do it all with no VBScript, so you don't have to worry about macro viruses.

If you are interested and you have some time, I would love some feed-back.
If you think it is handy and easy to use or not.
What else you think I should include in it.
Any suggestions regarding layout or content at all would be helpful.

Of course you are free to have a copy, and you can give to anyone you wish if anyone would want it.
Just make sure they know that I don't guarantee the results and I still want to perform more error checking and testing on it.

If you would like to help me out, you could check if it is accurate.
I think it is accurate, I double checked all the equations, plus I checked the output of a bunch of configurations manually and came up with no errors.
I would appreciate any feedback/input you would like to offer.

The worksheet is protected, but if you want to see any of the equations I used or anything just let me know, and I will post them here.

I plan on expanding on some of the functionality.

I want it to show planet configuration and placement:
Such as how many planets can you place evenly spaced.
What your angular spacing increment would be if your planets can't be evenly spaced.

I also plan on adding more accute configurability (such as adjustable centerlines) and possibly more interactivity.
Doing it without VBScript really limits what I can do.
I may have to abandon trying to keep it VBScript-free to build some of the additional stuff into it.

Thank you.

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