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B Planets in other galaxies

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    How far are we from being capable of estimating the number of planets in other galaxies? At least, in any of the nearby galaxies that are already known to us?

    Would this require state-of-art equipments?
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    We already estimate that the number of solar systems in normal galaxies is on the order of 200 billion. Do you mean some specific galaxy?
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    No. I wasn't really thinking of any particular galaxy.
    Good. I did'nt know that.
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    Our nearest large neIghbor galaxy is Andromeda, it appears to be quite similar to the Milky way, but roughly 30% bigger.
    It's reasonable to suggest that there could be many planets there, however our present telescopes can just about manage to resolve separate stars.
    2.537 million light years (but closing) is a long way from here.
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    Pshaw. It's not that far. I can see that far (or could in my younger days).
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