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Plank physics

  1. Nov 8, 2004 #1
    A uniform plank has a mass of Mp = 4.84 kilograms. Upon it sits a box with mass = 19.66 kilograms. If the left end of the plank is taken to be x=0, then x1, the location of the first saw horse, is 2.27 m, x2, the location of the second saw horse is, 6.27 m and the box is located at x3 = 4.53 m. The plank is 7.32 meters long.

    a) What is the force applied by the right most saw horse on the plank?

    b) What is the force applied by the left saw horse on the plank?

    c) What is the sum of the forces applied by the saw horses on the plank?

    d) What is the net weight of the block and plank?
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    Please demonstrate that you have put some thought into this problem.
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