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Homework Help: Planning Exercise - really need help

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    Here is all of the question and the help it gives that i need help with:

    Help the question gives:

    When lightning strikes a building the results can be very dramatic. The current in the bricks may cause considerable heating of the bricks followed by rapid expansion and failer of the structure. An engineer investigating this effect wishes to know how the electrical resistance of the house brick changes with temperature.

    What I have to do:

    Design a laboratory experiment to investigate how the resistance of a house brick varies with temperature in the range 20 degrees celcius to 800 degrees celcius. It is known that the resistance of the brick is very high. The brick is of a non uniform shape and the resistance is to be measured across the end faces P and Q.
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    Okay, what are YOUR thoughts on this. For one thing, what kind of equipment do you have available?
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    We have standard laboratory equipment but we don't really need to do the experiment just to plan it out.

    The things I really need do know how to do are how to measure the current across the cross sectional area of the brick, how to heat the brick up and how to measure the temperature. I know that to get a measurable resistance I must use a galvanometer to measure the current and a EHT power supply. Also do you have any idea of what the resisitivity of a brick is as this will help my experiment.

    Fast advice woulkd be greatly appreciated as it has to be handed in 2 days from now!!! :surprised
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    yeah i need the same help- kinda stumped on this.
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