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Homework Help: Plasma characteristics problem

  1. Aug 24, 2010 #1
    Please I would like to have some hints on this problem (from plasma processing course):

    a) Starting from Eq. (2.4.7) of the textbook, derive an equation for the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution in terms of electron energy.

    b) Calculate the rate of ionization of molecular chlorine as a function of mean electron energy using a Maxwellian EEDF and a Druyvesteyn EEDF. Plot the results for the energy range of 2-12 eV. (total cross ectiopn given in other document)

    c) What fraction of electrons is capable of performing ionization of molecular chlorine for a Maxwellian EEDF with a mean energy of 3 eV ?

    I just need to have some hints first (for question b and c )because, my background is not chemistry and I had to take an advance chemistry class. With some hints I will start working and come back with more work done.

    So far I cannot find formula for ionization rate related to cross section.

    Thank you
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