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Plasma creation

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    I was wondering if I could create plasma inside my own apparatus using a laser pointer and nitrogen..
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    I doubt it; the laser intensity is not high enough.
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    Well, how can I make plasma
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    Apply a very high voltage between two plates.

    If in dry air/nitrogen, 20,000 volts per cm should generate plasma. You can run the voltage up and down to get corona, arcs, or sparks.

    Or you can just buy (a) a plasma ball, or (b) a plasma furnace.

    Depends on what you are trying to do with the plasma. I once say a plasma incinerator at a high school science fair - the boy made it in the garage; his parents had no idea what he was doing! It was pretty impressive.

    Also very dangerous, but he was very careful, and followed good design principles.
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    Thanks for the info. Ultra, I appreciate it
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