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Plasma Current

  1. Jul 3, 2014 #1
    Hi all.

    I am currently trying to determine the specifications of equipment I need to create a plasma. I am looking to generate a plasma in chamber of Helium at a pressure of about 0.6 Torr. My electrodes are around 17cm apart (giving me a pd of 10 Torr cm). By consulting Paschen curves, I see I need a power supply capable of producing a voltage of 200V. I intend to use continuous DC - not pulsed DC.

    However, I cannot seem to be able to find a means of calculating the current which needs to be delivered. Can anyone suggest a means of finding this out?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Best regards,

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  3. Jul 4, 2014 #2
    I don't know how to figure out what current you need.

    However, I can tell you with experience how to create plasma cheaply.
    If you pump a noble gas into a microwave, you can create as much plasma as you want.
    This can be rather dangerous though.

    Here's a paper on the topic if you want more information. http://pe.org.pl/articles/2012/8/12.pdf
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