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Plasma Curtains

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    Plasma Curtains or Artifical Curtains or Light Curtains..

    Can anyone think of a way we can creat a light barrier that can be switched on and off to restric view ?

    So you want to partition a room into two...you put up this light barrier in the middle of the room which can be walked through but you can't see through it?
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    I don't think so, but why not just use a curtain? You can have it open or shut by a small remote controll motor, and you can have vertical slits to make passage easier...
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    Chi Meson

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    Plasma, by its nature, is very hot.
    Passing through a slab of this stuff would be uncomfortable.

    To have light be emitted from any source, there has to be some high energy "stuff" there. You could have lasers set up so that they focus on a precise plane in the room, but you would not see any curtain unless you had some dust of some sort in that location.

    This could be done if you had a dust emitter at the top of the zone and a vacuum at the bottom, so that there is a flow of this dust always at the zone where the lasers are focused. Every time you walk through, though some dust will scatter throughout the room, so it better be something totally benign and hypoallergenic.

    After all this consideration, a solid partition begins to look like a better idea.
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    what about a magnetically confined screen of charged smoke particles?
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    Chi Meson

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    We'd need to create diamagnetic dust. (or is it paramagnetic) Finely ground glass would work, but don't breathe while you go through the curtain. THen we'd need to figure out how to confine a magnetic field to a narrow plane. Not impossible, I'm sure, but it would have to include using a gigantic current (kinda spendy). THen we'd need to have something that keeps the dust from settling to the floor, since our magnetic miracle could only keep the dust from drifting forward or back.

    Possible, but I still say the plastic sheet is easier!
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    why not just get one of those hippie bead curtains??
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    jimmy p

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    A good dust emitter would be someone (you dont like) with a chronic dandruff problem, and when you get bored of him...*shove* into the hot plasma, u get dust for a few more seconds and you can get on with what you are doing in privacy!
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