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Plasma Fire

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    Unlike a (normal) fire, a plasma-fire combusts at excess 10 billion Kelvins (in general terms, 3.8 billion °F), it is notorious for it's special danger via nuclear scientists to emit ionizing radiation (up to x-rays) if the plasma remains consistent (does not burn out, and continues to stay alive)
    Plasma-fires come from the same principle as the physical form of matter called plasma. Ever been in school and heard about a fourth state of matter, its plasma, but you never cover this too seriously, because its not a big deal today, except in secret labs or where something can create one. A plasma is when the nuclei of the atom sheds off all of its electrons, creating a space or gas of rapidly and freely moving electrons and nuclei. This is what gives the fire its name, because the whole body or most of it is in plasma form (all the atoms are in plasma form); unlike normal fires where only 5% is in plasma form. You can create a plasma in two known methods via an element, chemical or substance:

    1.) Electrocute argon (chosen because of its ability to be easily ionized) gas in a vacuum. Via doing this all the electrons from the electricity bombard the gases atoms with electrons, knocking off all of their electrons, ionizing them and instantly transforming the gas into plasma.

    2.) super or hyper heat any chemical element or any chemical composition (does not have to be argon) at an excess of 10,000 °F, at this temperature, the nuclei of the atoms are moving so fast, that the electrons break up from them.

    Radiation is also emitted from the phenomena, specifically, ionizing radiation (sometimes called: "deadly radiation"). Whenever electrons break or fissile off a nuclei they emit photons (widely known in the scientific community as a particle of light, with no weight (most scientists) or some weight (to some scientists)), whenever they emit photons, the photons fluctuate (move in a winding, zig-zag or wave-like pattern), a strange property to particles in general when they detach from their parent molecule (not just photons). Imagine firing a gun and the bullet goes zig-zag, instead of straight forward, but its still going the same speed as if it was going straight. But it is important how close they fluctuate, if they fluctuate between 10 nanometers, they become ionizing/deadly x-rays (sometimes called Röentgen rays in other countries/nations, credited after its discoverer, Wilhelm Röentgen). Ionizing radiation is when the particles possess so much energy that they have the ability to change the composition of atoms, for example, how many electrons they carry. Well this is what ionizing radiation does, it shoots at the speed of light as soon as its detached from the atom and soon as it hits an atom it knocks off electrons, when these electrons hit off they hit other atoms and repeat this process until there are no more atoms to hit anymore. This is dangerous and lethal to animals and humans or life in general because it can spontaneously change the chemicals in your body or system. Resulting in unnatural substances and unexpected DNA changes and also mental retardation which these can shorten lifespan or make life difficult to endure. You cannot feel, hear, see, taste or smell radiation. This is what makes it a big deal, you do not know your getting hurt by it, yet you can die pretty fast by it (clocked at nearly 20 minutes, with severe symptoms and damage appearing within 5-10 minutes) Light, another type of radiation, does not hurt us, because the photons possess not enough energy and wavelength to penetrate our skin and cause hell within our bodies, our skin absorbs it no problem (light is also called non-ionizing radiation, because of this). Anywhere you see color, you see light or light radiation.
    Another danger of plasma is the unusually elevated temperatures, usually in the 10 billions range on the Fahrenheit scale. It is so hot, that it can not melt, not gasify, but turn any metal into a plasma too, just like itself. Pretty damn bizarre, never heard a metal transform into a plasma, you hear it melting. It can also make the surrounding air red or yellow hot. It is possible that the surrounding air is hotter than the fire itself, the sun is one example, scientists have stated that the sun is hotter up close than direct physical contact.
    One (big) example of plasma is our sun, its not only hot, but it emits ionizing radiation. Our ozone layer of our planet protects us from this deadly stuff, known as ultraviolet radiation. It (the sun) also emits x-rays and gamma rays. So this gives you the example that plasma is no joke to mess around with, ionizing radiation also comes from a nuclear explosion in terrifying amounts. So treat it like a gun, be awfully careful with it and don't do anything foolish or stupid with it (including things that you will regret or will lose forever). Because man has this sworn and snobby behavior to where if we see something powerful, we use it to get our way, or where people give in to our demands. For example the time where we dropped two tactical nukes on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and The Japanese gave up after the second one.
    More examples of plasma include lightning during a storm, the plasma in our ionosphere (note: ions play a role in plasma) and plasma TVs (the plasma is not hot enough in plasma TVs to pose any danger, including ionizing radiation and/or extreme, metal plasmatising heat, otherwise they would not be sold; they are inspected by experts who take hobbies or put forth education toward this subject).
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    What is the purpose of your post? Do you have a question?

    Did you copy and paste this for information purposes? If so then you should provide the source from whence it came, who wrote it etc...
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    I did, it came from me. Its for informational and debateful purposes.
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    This is my sorta hypothesis of what plasma does.
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    There's nothing to debate here, but there is some incorrect information.

    1. Photons do not move in a wavy, zig-zag motion. They move in straight lines.
    2. ALL scientists who know what they're talking about know that photons have 0 mass. (You said weight, but it's really mass)
    3. Fire does not heat the air to a higher temperature than itself. The sun can do this because of the way its magnetic field interacts with charged particles.
    4. Your example of the "snobby" behavior of mankind is seriously misguided.
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    PF is not a place to put forth personal hypotheses or theories. Please read the rules under Site Info up top.
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    I apologize.
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    and when you do post threads
    Please try and post them in the correct forum sections :)


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    Is it the physics section? I mean most plasma is in outer space, space means astro and plasma is physics.

    Also if particles do not move in a wavelike pattern, then what is wavelength in radiation?

    Ill justify my statement with Plasma-fires, with the magnetic fields they generate. But something tells me they exist, look at examples: a fireball from a nuclear reaction, the sun.

    In order to turn something into a plasma you have to heat it to a dramatic or extremely high temperature or electrocute it, throwing all of its electrons off of every nuclei. Am I wrong here?

    Lastly, could you capture or harness lightning and use this against metal, I'm pretty sure 2000000+ volts and amps will do something very significant to matter.
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    Thread closed.
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