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Plasma Focus vs Job placement

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    Hi everybody, nice to meet you all

    I'm studing Physics in Catania University, Italy, and I'll get the master degree in Physics next summer. My thesis will be on plasma focus and I will spend a period in Bologna, DIENCA laboratories to work on it.
    I would like to know if there will be any possibilities to find a job in this field of physics, in Italy and abroad.
    Please note that I think I'll have some problems with my age, I'm 32 now, but I took much time to complete my studies because I was working in a maketing company and after my Bachelor degree I spent 1 and an half year in Dublin working as a software tester.
    All considering, could i found any job? and where in the world? It will be good to find something out of Italy, because I think everybody knows here is a bit of a crap.
    Thanks to all people will answer this questions and I apologize for my bad English.
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    Thanks Astronuc
    I know ENEA, but the others link are very interesting.

    I would like to know your opinion about any problem dues to my age.
    In the following the boundary conditions of my Master Cours:
    The I started the Master course last year and I'm going to start the last year on october, so I'm in perfect time. Also I'm missing only two exams, one will be tomorrow, the last one at the end of september. I hope my final mark will be "summa cum laude" because my average mark is 29/30.

    Thank you very much
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