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Plasma Globes, and H or B Fields.

  1. Oct 26, 2006 #1
    Hey all.
    This is somewhat off topic, and so if it needs to be moved, just let me know where to.
    Recently while toying with my plasma globe I noticed something I'd never seen with it before. For those with plasma globes, check it out.
    The procedure is as follows.
    Take your finger, and very slowly move it close to the globe wall. If you look very closely (with my 6" globe, these are faint, pink elements) while doing this you'll see what I can only describe as a "flower" rotating in one direction of the other. The geometric shape is similar to the trig functions we studied in trig classes. Limacon's. Sorry about the c. I tried inserting the correct letter with the diacritical mark, and it would not allow me to do so- the browser window took me back to the home forum page.
    My initial thoughts on this is that they are a visual expression of the H field, as they rotate around the currrent filament leaving the core.
    You don't necessarily need your finger. Any electron transferring material will cause this. Metal, food, fingers, the back of your hand, etc... (yea, I know, but that's why it's called experimentation) The only difference will be due to the shape of the device you use. E.g., if you use your hand, you'll see a long, twinky shaped limacon.
    One thing that I did notice was that they change direction for the direction of your movement. If you move towards the globe it rotates one direction, and as you pull away it reverses direction. I was unable to determine the direction-- cw/ccw-- of rotation due to the velocity of the rotation, and subsequent explosive decompression of my globe later during another experiment.
    Any ideas? thoughts, previous experiences, and or corrections?
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