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Plasma Journals

  1. Sep 25, 2010 #1
    I need to have information on plasma physics journals , articles , can anyone give me names of some useful sites which send mails on what happening in this field.
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    There are a lot of plasma physics journals.
    Plasma Sources Sci. Technol.,....... but you can find papers on plasma in other journals, like Appl. Phys. Lett.....
    An alternative is
    You have to register (free) and you have access to the last month published papers.
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    Thank you very much!
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    Complementing the above:

    IoP Journals
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

    Plasma Science and Technology

    Plasma Sources Science and Technology

    APS Journals
    Physical Review E

    AIP Journal
    Physics of Plasmas

    Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion - Journals
    http://www.ipp.mpg.de/~Wolfgang.Suttrop/ppcfjournals.html [Broken]

    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science

    There are also useful sites for various Physics Societies
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    Thank a lot Mr. Astronuc!
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