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Plasma of the nuclear fusion

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    this question might be a bit stupid, but if the plasma in the fusion reactor has very high temperature, then how do we make the chamber not melt? i mean, not to join? contact? each other(chamber wall and plasma).
    do we use magnetic field to make the distance? then how do we do that?
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    This statement is very misleading. It is true that there are alternatives to magnetic confinement.
    However, stellarators like Wendelstein rely entirely of magnetic confinement.
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    OK thanks for that correction, I had thought that the stellarator project used a combination of containment methods, with magnetism being one, but didn't have time to recheck on that.
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    Both tokamak and stellarator use magnetic fields only. Just the origin of the field is different: Tokamaks need a magnetic field component that has to come from a plasma current (together with the stronger fields from coils), stellarators work with magnetic fields from coils only.
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