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Plasma Reactor Designs

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    I am a young designer and attempting to design a plasma reactor. I have a lot of the design figured out, in theory, but my main problem is the type of plasma I would need to use that emits a large amount of thermal energy with as little materials needed to maintain efficiency. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, because I have a limited knowledge of physics due to my inexperience and schooling(or more accurately the lack there-of)
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    Hi BlackDawnJake,

    What do you mean by a "plasma reactor"? What are your goals and what do you expect the device to do?
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    Essentially creating a vacuum chamber and harnessing the thermal energy emitted by the plasma in the chamber. My design, in theory, could potentially make nuclear power obsolete.
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    Where does the plasma get its energy for your design?
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    Plasma has to be created, which requires energy. And you can't get out more than you put in unless your plasma is undergoing some kind of reaction, like fusion.

    Let's be honest with each other here. Do you really believe that you've created a design that could do away with nuclear power when you yourself have stated that you have no experience or schooling in physics?
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