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Plasma TV and LCD TV

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    just want to ask, what is their difference?
    which is better?
    to me, a Sony DRC Wega or Panasonic Tau flat screen TV (CRT tube) is very good enough for visual pleasure.
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    It depends on what you mean by "visual pleasure".
    Actually, the high quality HDTV CRTs (Like the WEGA) are better for picture quality.
    But some people like to consider the "visual quality" of a TV when it is turned off, as well.
    And others just like to say, "I have a plasma screen TV. What do you have?" :wink:
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    A good overview for the difference between Plasma and LCD...
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    The short of it:
    Plasma: Cheaper. Better viewing angle. Brighter.
    LCD: Lasts longer. No screen burning.
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