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Plasma tv and lcd

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    i am curious to know, what is the difference (if there is) between plasma TV technology and LCD?

    my friend asked me this, and i said they are probably the same. are they?
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    No, plasma TV uses gas discharge devices, similar to neon lamps, while LCD uses polarized molecules, similar to cholesterol, to generate the images. It is the same technology used in digital watches.
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    Wow, I just came across this thread in a dirtbike forum that I frequent:


    I had no idea that plasma TVs could have burn-in problems. Sounds best to avoid them and stick with LCD or projection.
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    I have heard quite a few sources say that. I was very surprised to hear that considering the cost of a plasma. I was also shocked to hear of the picture degredation after the first year or so. It made me wonder why anyone would spend that kind of money on one.
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    There are manny differences, but now, the best in domain is the LED TV.
    LED TV is a term used by Samsung to describe its line of LCD (liquid crystal display) TVsthat use LED backlighting.
    LED-backlit LCD TVs do differ from conventional LCD TVs in some important areas:
    1- They can produce a very bright image and deep blacks (doesn't work for Edge-LED
    2- With Edge-LED lighting they can be extremely slim.
    3- They can offer lower power consumption.
    4- They can offer a wider colour gamut, especially when RGB-LED backlighting is used.
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    My Samsung laptop has a LED screen which uses the same tech as LED TVs and it looks fantastic. Colors are much more vibrant and vivid, and the screen is crazy bright (I usually keep it at 50% brightness). The extra battery life is a big plus too.

    I've heard there have been some issues with their LED TVs though. While the picture is suppose to be fantastic I guess there are some problems with the viewing angles.
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    Ya, I know that...very attractive, isn't it?
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    Which part? The fact that they look fantastic and bright and sharp, or the fact that they have poor viewing angles?
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    OLED blows away all the other technologies mentioned above. Too bad the price is so steep, at the moment.
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    After I managed to blink, I had a walk around it and again was truly amazed. The size!! Although I know LED TVs are Ultra Thin, again, I don’t believe you can really appreciate how big a difference there is until you see one in.
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    Samsung LED TV is effectively an LCD TV just with different source of light.
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