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Plasma volume & Ionization Energy relationship

  1. Mar 30, 2012 #1
    I'm trying to calculate the maximum volume of Helium gas that can be ionized into plasma if I apply a power of 1 watt, where the voltage is 1000 volt and the current is 0,1mA.

    The ionization energy for Helium is 2372,3KJ/mol
    (1/2372,3*10^3)mole * 2372,3*10^3 J/mole = 1 Joule

    1 Watt = 1 Joule / second

    Molar mass = 4,002602 g/mole
    Density = 0,1786 g/L

    (1/2372,3*10^3 mole) * 4,002602 g/mole = 1,687224213*10^-6 gram

    (1,687224213*10^-6) g / 0,1786 g/L = 9,446944082*10^-6 L = 9,446944082 mm^3

    3sqrt(9,446944082) = 2,11mm

    So in order to ionize 1,68 micrograms of Helium in a 2,11x2,11x2,11 mm tank, you'll need to supply a current of 0,1mA through 1000 volt.

    Is this correct?
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