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Plastic photodegrador

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    i was thinking of a good thesis topic involving enviro-friendly touch and i came up with this: plastic photodegrador! the concept was from the idea that plastic degrades easily in the ocean, so i am planning to design an equipment that will make plastics degrade fast. the design is somehow like a solar cooker (pls see the attached image).
    the plastic will be cut into fine pieces before putting it in my photodegrador. i hope you got the concept.

    but i am not satisfied with the design, will someone help me modify my design? or is there any problem with my design? comments are badly needed. thank you!

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    Please convert picture from bmp to gif/jpg before posting, it will save a lot of traffic.

    Didn't get idea of your design.
    Do you mean particular types of plastic, to test, whether it will degrade in open ocean environment?
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