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Plastic processings

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    wish for ur help
    plz i wanna detalied description of plastic sheets calendering and extrusion processes.
    (pdf files prefered)

    thanks alot
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    Please don't double post.

    The reason your first post didn't get many replies is because you were pretty unspecific with what you were asking, didn't sound like you'd researched your question at all, and were quite demanding about how you received your answer!

    Calendaring is a process used to smooth or gloss polymer sheet by drawing it through a set of rollers.

    Extrusion is a process used to form plastic products of constant cross section by pumping the liquid polymer through a die.

    I've studied polymer and composite processing at degree level, and am more than willing to help you out, but nobody's going to write essays for you based on a very vague and unspecific question.
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    thanks i will try to be more specific and i'm sure u can help in future when i am more involved in thid topic
    thank u
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