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Plastic sinker container was melted

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    I was getting ready to go fishing the other day, when i noticed that my plastic sinker container was melted, but i didn't know how. I then noticed a type of artificial bait (powerbait to be exact) seemed to be the culprit. I did not know how this could have happened, being that i didn't think it would have gotten hot, for that would have burnt my fishing vest, so i assume that it was some sort of chemical reaction. Being that I am not exactly the chem expert, i was wondering if i could get an explination.

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    I'm no expert either. Someone correct me if I am wrong here. The plastic in your sinker container is a petroleum product. It is oil based. The artificial bait has a compound that dissolves petroleum products. Something containing alcohol would do this.

    Never buy beer in plastic bottles.
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    Alcohols often come in plastic containers. Consider the isopropyl alcohol that is sold in every drug-store.
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    I did a web search on "power bait" and found that it's called a "soft plastic" bait. There's an old rule in chemistry that's usually valid which goes "like dissolves like." If the bait has similar chemical properties to the bait container, and is liquid/mushy, it will probably dissolve the container.
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    Some information on solvents and plastics...
    http://www.polyplastics.com/en/support/tech/treat/treat_1.html [Broken]
    Your tackle box is most likely polypropylene.
    It may not be an alcohol. It could be something else that is dissolving your sinker box. Alcohol was just an example. Does the powerbait say what it is made of? I'm not sure what kind you have and the web doesn't seem to mention their chemical composition. What is your sinker box made of?
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