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Plastic to oil process?

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    Hi there,

    There are many videos that show people converting plastic into oil, then refining the oil into diesel, kerosine, and gasoline. I have a few questions about this particular video,

    1) When the plastics turn into gas, what is the process called? Is it pyrolysis or gasification, or something else? Is the gas syngas? A chemical formula would be helpful.

    2) Why do they liquify it and then refine it? Can't they just put the gas directly into a distillation column where diesel and gasoline will already be separated?

    3) When the gas is liquified, is the water cooling it, or is it instead reacting with it?

    4) Is the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis involved in any of this?

    5) Is any Oxygen involved in this process?

    Would really appreciate thorough answers with chemical formulas.

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