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Medical Plastic Water Bottle Use

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    Is it alright to reuse plastic water bottles or leave them out in the sun or heat before using them? My dear mother seems to think that it isn't alright but I am not sure why.

    Is there a more reliable source that answers this question than a first link off google?
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    If there were problems with it, there would be food label warnings. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I remember reading about the hazards of polymers in the bottle going into the water however not quite able to recall whether it was from a credible source.

    I would not recommend reusing plastic bottles for one it is unsanitary. Plasticizers do dissolve into aqueous solutions when a small amount of solvent is present , for example Ethanol. I worked with polymers and always used glass apparatuses for experiments rather than sterile Corning cups after it was found that they ruined some Refractive Index experiments by having plasticizers dissolve into the aqueous solution.
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    If its unsafe to do this because plasticisers leach out of the bottle, then surely that would happen whether the bottle was being reused, or simply sitting in the store filled with mineral water waiting to be sold!

    I can't see why rinsing them out and reusing them would create the problem. Sounds like a myth to me, I wouldnt worry about it.
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