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Platinum-based complexes

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    Hi! i prepare different platinum(II) complexes, derivatves of cisplatin, where one or two ammine ligands are substituted by bulky hydrophobc amine... i would like to grow crystals, but i have a problem with it... the solvent... they are usually poor soluble in water, good soluble in e.g. DMF... but DMF didnt work for crystals. In similar case, they used acetonitrile, i tried as well, it didnt work...
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    How, specifically, did those soluble solvents not work? Did the molecule decompose? Did it become some amorphous gel? Are DMF and acetonitrile the only solvent you have tried? Typically, searching for solvents for recrystallization require you to try out all the available solvents. DMSO, methanol, hexane, acetone, dimethylether, dichloromethane, chloroform, etc. There are lots of other solvents out there. If these relatively safe solvents don't work, try toluene, benzene, pyridine, etc.

    I can also suggest you several recrystallization methods you can try, but I would like to know above information first.
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