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Play around with their computer's port ?

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    Can you tell me what applications people can make to play around with their computer's port ? or is it just a dead one waiting for some connections to the objects outside ?
    Thank you very much.
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    Anyone can give any ideas?
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    You're not making any sense. What port? There are parallel, serial, USB, ethernet, virtual, etc.
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    Perhaps his computer came with a bottle of Portugese fortified wine, also known as port. I would suggest drinking it or, if the situation arises, hitting a burgler with it.

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    Would you please tell me about parralel one's aplication ? Anything funnie for me to play around with it ? Please tell me...

    Thanks Russ a lot in advance
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    The parallel port is just an eight bit wide bi-directional TTL level digital bus. You can read or write any digital data with it.

    - Warren
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    But Can you give me some more details about how to write and read data and how to connect cables etc from/to the port to/from which device???? Any applications you have done or have heard of ?

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    Duh. :wink:

    Seriously though, we're all here to ask and answer questions, but when there are hundreds upon hundreds of websites with this information that you can access with a simple google search and you still ask us we get a little cranky.
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    In a nutshell:

    Its the rather large port on the back of your PC. Nowadays it is mostly used to connect a printer to your computer. It is possible to network two PCs via parallel ports, but that is not very fast. In general, USB and PS/2 have mostly replaced parallel ports in day-to-day usage.
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