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Playing Checkers 4 your life?

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    Draught-board 8x8. 12 pieces on each side that may only move forward but capture forward and backwards. Only when a piece is kinged it may move backwards. If a jumping move (beating) is available, that move must be made even if other non-jumping moves are available. A player wins by capturing all of the opposing player's pieces, or by leaving the opposing player with no legal moves.

    Once, two brothers professional checker players got in trouble. They they've lowered the boom on wrong people, and been caught by them. These guys decided to punish them hard. They told the brothers to play checkers with each other, and the loser will be killed. They left draught-board and went out for a while, just told, that if the brothers will not finish the game before they back, they will finish the game for them, and which side will lose - will die.

    The brothers took the draught-board and realized, that there are only 12 black pieces and 8 white pieces. There is no way to escape, and these people keep their word. How to handle this situation? Please advice.
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    Is that comma necessary?

    As long as I'm dwelling on grammar, I'll read the entire entry.

    You need a "the" after told.

    Loser only has one "o."

    Brought is spelled incorrectly. There should be commas...I won't bother to point out where. And, I believe that it should be "went" instead of "got."

    This is atrocious, I refuse to read farther. I'm sorry if these comments offend the poster or any reader, but if a question is not phrased correctly then I don't see why it should be answered.
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    f(x) :the reply has been irrelevant and out of field...you either understood the problem or did not,thats what matters...Caracrist:tight game,we could probably involve "probability" to see chances of survival!?!thats 1 among the steps I know there should still be more to process,but just there,do you see any picture?
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    What if they just lock the pieces? So they they block in their own kings and cant move forward anymore?
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    Thanks for your review. English is not my mother language. You are welcome to fix all grammar mistakes and reread the result.
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    I know the answer ;)
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    Is it possible?
  9. Nov 19, 2008 #8
    you can't block your pieces apparently.

    Other than that I'm not sure I understand this enough to answer intelligently.
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    If both blocked, the one whose turn loses.
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    I'll give you a hint, it is possible. And it is an answer. Now, find this position...
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