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I am doing a project in Design & Technology and intend to design a product that is to be used by Playstation 2 (or other consols) users.
I have a few questions, which I would be very grateful for if I get a few replies:
Do you have a Steering wheel and pedal that you use to play car games with your PS2?

If yes, do you think, that a specially designed chair would help you to play more comfortably with the steering wheel and pedals?

What would the chair have to be like? (e.g. ground level, lean back etc.)
Yes! A special chair would be great. Personally I think the chair should be close to what it is like in an actual car, with respect to the tv, pedals, and wheel. IE, it should be raised to the right level so that your eye sight is horizontal when looking at the tv. Reclining, slightly. The pedals should be not too far below the seat.

Personally I use my regular chair I use for my computer while driving, but a stationary and comfortable seat would be nicer.
So, do you reckon I could base the design of my PS2 chair on that of a standard car seat with some differences, as you mentioned, with respect to TV.
Would it be comfortable if there was a declining surface where the leg can rest? Would that interupt your control on the pedals?


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Just go to the arcade and checkout their driving systems. That's what I would use.
Driving/Racing is my favourite genre so this is definitely a good idea. Are you going to have your own display screens too, yoshi (former techtv modder) designed one like this with 3 monitors, it would be nice to have a set like that at an affordable price.
Thanks everyone. I shall get started on the project then!

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