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PlayStation 3 to internet?

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    My boyo has a PS3 and has asked if it can be hooked up to the internet.

    I've got a Linksys wireless router (2 actually, the 2nd is cascaded) and the PS3 has a LAN port. So the mechanical connection is pretty straightforward.

    What issues can I as a homeowner, network manager and billpayer expect?

    - will it dramatically affect network speed? (more than just another computer on the network)
    - are there charges I need to consider?
    - do I need to configure my router/access point firewall?
    - are there security risks?
    - etc.

    Also, what will he be able to do once he gets it hooked up?
    Firmware updates,
    multiplayer games?
    software downalods?
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    With my PS3, I didn't have to do any port-forwarding.

    Depending on the game and how much bandwidth you get from your ISP, it could lag the rest of your network.

    When my brother plays Call of Duty 4, it doesn't lag my network that much (Comcast 6Mbps down/384 Kbps up). What I mean by "that" much is that I can do regular things fine. However, I do feel that if BOTH of you were playing games (like Counter-Strike on one computer while he/she is playing CoD 4 on his/her PS3), then it would probably affect your ping.

    I didn't need re-do any security settings (at the time I was using WEP security, but I'm not sure about WPA security). Just make sure you're feeding it the right password just like connecting any other computer to the network and you should be fine.

    I personally haven't encountered any security risks with anyone using the system as a mode of hacking the entire network, but that's all I know about it. I'm not sure about the technicalities about what extra security holes it introduces into a network.

    Hope that helps.
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    Mm. A little, yeah. Thanks. So I do need to provide it my WEP password. I guess after that, it's just another computer on the network.
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    I mean that's basically what it is. You just treat it as any other computer in terms of connecting it onto the internet.

    The same for the Xbox360, Nintendo DS, etc.

    It's simple! Good luck!
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    All you should need is the password for your router so the PS3 can access the internet through it. It is also wireless if you're having trouble with distance from the router. Network might lag as has been explained. The PS3 should automatically detect software updates and download them. One can play multiplayer online, and there is a playstation store that offers a number of free downloadable demos and trailers. There are also some older games in the playstation store that you can buy for a few dollars but if no credit card is registered to the PS3 then one can't buy any of them. It also has its own internet browser. Its good watching some streaming videos through the PS3 on the HD TV. :smile:

    Other features are that one can make video calls to other friends on the PS network if one has an eyetoy and bluetooth headset, or just voice calls if you don't have the eyetoy.

    Security wise I'm not sure how the PS3 works, but I've never had any trouble with it. If you use the internet browser there is a built in security program that one needs to activate through the options in the browser.

    EDIT: PS Network and internet browsing through it are free where I'm from.
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