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PLC Question AC/DC vs. DC

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    I am a student trying to learn about PLCs.

    I was buying a light (beacon) to install on my PLC and had a question about the output voltage. On the PLC I saw that the outputs are 24 V DC. On the beacon I am ordering, the options are:

    12V AC/DC Full Voltage
    24V AC/DC Full Voltage
    120V AC Full Voltage
    240V AC Full Voltage

    I am assuming I should order the 24 V AC/DC, but I was wondering what does AC/DC mean. Is AC/DC different then just DC. Is that even the correct one since the output card provides 24 V DC?

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    I'm guessing that it means the light has an input rectifier, so it can be used either with a DC or AC input voltage.
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    Yea, I just asked someone here and they said it meant that it can work with both 24 V DC or AC, since the RMS of the 24 AC will be enough to run it.

    thanks :)!
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