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Plea for help with kinetics lab - Urgent

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    Plea for help with kinetics lab -- Urgent

    I am trying to find a value for the activation energy of the reaction involving potassium permanganate and oxalic acid. I have scoured every free chemistry database on the internet and come up with nothing. Does anyone know how I can calculate this value without using experimental data? Or is there a book that I can find in the library that would contain it? If anyone has access to information I don't, could you please look up this value for me?

    This is extremely important.

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    Does this work?

    http://colossus.chem.umass.edu/genchem/chem112/112_Experiment_4.htm [Broken]
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    Don't you have to determine the E(act) from the lab ? Wouldn't getting it from outside be "cheating" ?
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    Hey, Gokul is right -- It would be cheating... If you are asked to do the experiment and find it this way, don't try anything else. This is strongly discouraged in PF community. The link I gave you again involves lab procedure, if I'm not wrong.
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    Why do you want to find out the Activation energy without using experimental data? If you are indeed doing a lab, you should just use only the values available to you, since the teachers wouldn't expect you to be perfect...

    As a matter of fact, there is a formula that relates activation energy to the rate of reaction, thus you can determine the activation energy just from your own data. Please explain yourself further before i can give you the formula. Im not sure if im suppose to or not from the posts by Goku and Chem_tr
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