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Please a Yes or a No

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    May I ask you two questions ?
    (1) Do self-assembly and directed assembly mean adaptation and natural selection respectively ?
    (2) Are prebiotic assemblies chemical elements ?

    Thanks a lot in advance
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    Yes :biggrin:
    You need to explain yourself a little further to what you mean..
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    I thought they should be the same meanings as what I have said above but not really sure, therefore I raised some questions to hopefully receiving someone's answers, way of confirmation from a newie anyway...(smile)
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    I am reading an essay about evolution in which the writer used so many terms whose exact meanings I am not able to figure out...
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    Ok :) so
    No, I think what is meant is that sponges are able to self-assemble: if you pass them through a sieve so that they are all individuall celled, they will aggregate again to form an organism. Directed assembly must mean forming the different organs in an organism.
    Everything is chemical elements :smile: the author might mean biochemical reactions or physical structures like a cell membrane.
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    Thanks Monique, I misundertood them all, (*o*)
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    I think this guy is talking about the self-assembly of protobionts, the 4th step in the standard model of abiogenesis. I'll just quote this piece from Biology by Campbell and Reese:

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    Many Thanks to you again for this thread and others in which you have helped me out....(smile)
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