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    Hi everyone, I am a student in Electrical Enigneering at Iowa State University. I'm in my senior year I have about 3 semsters left(Yes I know im a super senior). My area of concentration within my degree is not very clear yet. I am interested in Power Electronics and Electromagnetics. I wish to work as an Electrical Engineer in Minneapolis, it has always been my dream.

    I wish to ask for advice to anybody who lived or lives in Minneapolis that knows anybody working as an Electrical Engineer in Minneapolis or what ever. My interest is clear I want to work in any industry as long as I am hired as an Electrical Engineer. Also I would like to add that I havent had the pleasure to be in an internship.

    1. What companies are my best bet?

    2. Should I first go for an internship/ co-op? I accept any comments on this one.

    3. What do they usually look for upon a newly graduate?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope to read any advice or comment and also thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. This is very important.
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